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The Career Guy, Professional CV Writer, Careers Adviser, Personal Branding Specialist, Redundancy Support

Professional CV Writer

The Career Guy has been writing professional CV's for 20 years covering the full spectrum of employment from Warehousing to Lawyers & Surgeons. More

Careers Adviser

The Career Guy has worked within the Recruitment and Training sectors for 20 years and has personally helped over 10,000 people back into sustainable employment. More

Personal Branding

The Career Guy offers a full Personal Branding Service including; LinkedIn, Websites, Social Media Management,
it's time for you to take control of your brand.


Redundacy Support

The Career Guy offers a comprehensive tailor made Redundancy Support Service to business. Helping your staff is my priority. More


6th June 2017: The Career Guy's new live chat is now available, look to the bottom right of your screen if I'm online just pop a message up and we can havce a chat.

Professional CV Writing

The Career Guy, Professional CV Writer, Careers Adviser, Personal Branding Specialist, Redundancy Support

It’s often said that your CV has 30 seconds to impress potential employers. The Career Guy is often asked if this is true and put simply it is, on average each advertised vacancy has some 70 to 100 applicants chasing the job. Imagine being the HR Assistant or Manager that has to sit and read all of those CV’s, they have to come up with a way of weeding out the wheat from the chaff, they do this in a number of different ways some examples being; Design/Layout – if the document looks scrappy and thrown together it most likely ends up thrown in the bin; Flashy Graphics and Fonts – you’ve spent so much time making the CV look good but missed the most important element CONTENT; Over Talking – this is possibly one of the most common reasons, people tend to over talk their responsibilities and job role, it bores recruiters having to read endless explanations and again you end up in the file under B (bin) pile.

Knowing exactly what needs to go into a CV and in what order it needs to be delivered isn’t as easy as it sounds, sometimes having someone like The Career Guy take a look at your current CV (and re-write/edit it when needed) with a fresh pair of eyes and an expansive cross industry knowledge base can really make a big difference to how you look to that potential new employer.

The Career Guy offers a professional CV Writing Service to customers across the whole of the United Kingdom, the process generally takes 5-7 days from start to finish (delays may occur depending on how long it takes to get all the required information), the process work as follows;

Step One:
Send your current CV to The Career Guy for a FREE CV Review, (if you don’t currently have a CV you can simply DOWNLOAD, complete and return The Career Guy’s CV questionnaire)

Step Two:
The Career Guy will talk you through what needs to be done to improve your CV (if there are just minor changes that need to be made, The Career Guy will tell you without charging you).

Step Three:
If you decide you’d like The Career Guy to write your new CV place your order by selecting your current salary band from the price list below, you will receive a confirmation of  your order by email from The Career Guy’s secure payments processing service PayPal.

Step Four:
The Career Guy will then make sure he gets all the information he needs from you to create the best possible CV, this is done by either a telephone conversation, email or a combination of both whatever is best to achieve the right result for you.

Step Five:
The Career Guy will then write your new CV; once this is complete your CV is then sent to one of The Career Guy’s network of Recruitment and HR Professionals within your industry for checking to ensure all the information that is likely to be needed is in the CV.

Step Six:
Once The Career Guy receives the CV back any suggested changes are made and the CV is then sent to you via email for your approval.

Step Seven:
Once you receive the CV you and The Career Guy will then work together to make any edits or changes you feel you would like to make, after all it’s your CV and you’re the one that will need to defend it in an interview.

The Career Guy’s CV Writing service is a team effort with you as the main focus of that team, working together to create your interview winning CV. But it doesn’t end there, for 12 months after The Career Guy has written your CV any changes you need like adding your new job or making minor edits to suit a specific job applications are included in the price. (Please note this does NOT include major re-writes of the CV).

What does it cost?

Salary Range Price Call to order
Up to £19,000 £75.00 07706 622279
£20,000 to £29,000 £90.00  
£30,000 to £39,000 £120.00  
£40,000 to £49,000 £150.00  
£50,000 – £59,000 £200.00  
£60,000 – £79,000 £250.00  
£80,000 – £99,000 £300.00  
£100,000 + £350.00  
CV Tidy £60.00  

And don’t forget The Career Guy offers a 100% FREE CV Review Service, with most of his competitors you have to call a premium rate 087 number but once you send us your current CV The Career Guy will email you when he has read your CV and is ready to show you what he can do to help you improve it Click Here to get your 100% FREE CV Review


Dear Career Guy Please add this to your Testimonial section as your service warrants high praise. I am extremely pleased with my new CV designed for a Driver/Logistician. You have changed an average CV to one that really does carry the wow factor. The cost of your service was considerably lower than most other Proffesional CV writers that I had looked at, and the time taken to complete my new CV was extremely quick (less than 24 hours from the initial phone conversation).
Mr P Mutch
The Career Guy, Professional CV Writer, Careers Adviser, Personal Branding Specialist, Redundancy Support

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